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Engineering & Design

Robert N. Ewing General Contractor, Inc. has been providing engineering and design services for our valued customers for over 60 years. Our Arizona Registered Professional Structural Engineer and our NISD Certified Senior Detailer offer our clients concrete and steel engineering solutions that few other contractors can offer.

Our Structural Design team is supported by:

  • RISA 3D Design Software
  • Enercalc SEL Design Software
  • AutoCAD

Special conditions and unique situations are where our engineering and design team excels. When Honeywell International needed a service platform for their Boeing 757 they turned to us. The platform had to be mobile, needed to be used at various elevations, required cooling and heating, and had to have an interior monorail crane. With nothing more than the specifications for the aircraft, we provided a turnkey project that has been in operation for over 20 years. When Hydro Aluminum needed a control room for their personnel that would withstand the impact of a 1,500 pound aluminum log they called on us to design, fabricate, and install it. From simple designs to complete project documents, Robert N. Ewing General Contractor, Inc. has a proven track record of resolving our client’s needs. With our construction capabilities, we are truly a one-stop shop for all of your structural needs.

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